Sunday, January 31, 2010



Tonight my husband drove me home, since I am still car-less. So I was able to get some better pictures of the river {not only because I wasn't driving, but also because we were in the Chevy truck, which is much taller than the car. Look, ma, no guardrail!



Spent another couple of nights at work, thanks to my POS car that still needs the transmission replaced, and suddenly decided to have some other part go out as well. Brought scrappy stuff with me, mostly for Friday night, because I hate to have nothing to do in the evenings {I can only spend so much time on Facebook after all!} At night, I spread out my stuff all over one of the tables in the lunch room, but for Friday and Saturday during the day, it has to be out of the way, so I pack it all up, and stuff it under the table.



DS working on school work.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My favorite breed of dog

If you didn't know, these are Irish Wolfhounds. Torre, on the left, weighs 146lbs. Uri weighs 158. Yeah. Big shaggy dogs. I love them.

Torre is a lucky girl. When she was younger she had stomach bloat, and I saw her on emergency. Got her taken care of, but she bloated and twisted again the same night. April, one of the technicians at the Hannibal office, and I spent pretty much all night with her, doing surgery and staying with her after to make sure she recovered ok. A lot of dogs don't recover, especially if the owner doesn't notice right away, and the twist is bad. So it was really great to see her again.

{and look! a picture of me!!}


Snowing again...

Today's picture was taken right as I got off work... so about 12:05 in the morning. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today's photo is my car stereo, showing the radio station that announced my hottie, Jason Michael Carroll, will be playing a concert in April in QUINCY! So... since the radio station is helping to sponsor the show, which is done every year by the Quincy Fire Department to raise money, I will be listening to this station A LOT MORE hoping to win tickets. Usually ticket winners also get meet and greet passes. Which would make my millenium.

Oh, yeah, and if you noticed the time on the clock {insert eye-rolling smiley here}
This is a Blaupunkt stereo, which was given to me on Valentine's Day  many years ago by my husband {fiance, at the time}.  And it sat around for a long time, after taking it out of the old car because I didn't want to put it in the Escort {we were thinking about selling it}. Gave in last summer because I wanted to be able to listen to my {JMC} CDs in the car, so I had him finally put it in. I love it. However. When the clocks had to be changed for daylight savings, neither one of us could figure out how to change the time. Ok. So it was an hour fast. Big deal. I just won't be late anywhere LOL. THEN they had to replace the transmission. Which apparently means they  have to disconnect the battery {what do I know, I am NOT a car girl} because when I got the car back, it was now 2 hours SLOW.  gah.

Naturally - I don't have the instruction manual anymore {insert another eye-rolling smiley here}. So the answer to that is to just punch buttons randomly until something happens. Well, all that happens here is it changes the clock to MILITARY time.

Which.. ok, I can deal with that. My father, my mother, my brothers, my husband - they were all in the military, so I can read military time. No big deal. Then I realized something kinda cool. In the evenings it's easy to read - just drop the one in the front. Yep, when I took this picture, it was 4:11, and I was heading into work. Doesn't work so well in the morning, but then I'm usually not awake then anyway! LOL

One of these days, I'll see if I can find the manual on the internet. For now, I just leave it. Cos there is just something fun about 14 o'clock.


I found this card box at the thrift store for $1.25. Didn't really know what I wanted to do with it, but it was in really good shape, and came with the dividers. Well, when I finished up all the cards for the FOAD card sketch challenge, I needed a place to put them - and discovered they fit perfectly in the box. Nice. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today was a crop day! Hopefully going to have another one tomorrow, as Serendipity's crop isn't over until Monday! Woohoo, so cool to actually have 2 days for a weekend crop! Love my Saturdays off!

Anyway... today's photo is Rhi with the mask I had to make for one of the Fashion on a Dime challenges.
These were quick challenges, from 30 minutes to a few hours for the deadline. I managed to do several today, and only seriously messed up with the time zones on one..

Friday, January 22, 2010


Another palindrome day!

Photo for today is of a minutes old Boston Terrier puppy, shortly after delivery by C-section.
Isn't he a cutie??

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wanted to get a picture of the mud. Ugh.
Got this one instead - the woodpile.

{Yeah, those are chickens}


Laundry day!!

{Yeah.. the top 4 shirts in that first stack are all JMC shirts.. }


This one cracks me up a bit. Saw Adam Lambert's new album. For Your Entertainment,  out at WalMart a couple of weeks ago - hadn't really heard anything on it, so I wasn't going to get it. Now I've heard some of the tunes, and really like them, so thought I'd pick it up the next time I went in. Heh. NO Adam Lambert. No empty space for Adam Lambert. Amazes me some of the other people they carry though - tons of offensive lyrics, people that hit their girlfriends, do drugs. But Adam gets banned because he's gay. Completely not fair and totally uncool. Not really surprising, since at one point they banned Harry Potter for being evil.

So I thought I'd go to the place in the mall, cos they have everything. And they not only had it, but it was on sale. Didn't hit me until I was leaving that I bought FYE at.. fye!

{And no, I'm not abandoning my beloved JMC - if you check out the receipt, the second CD is yet another copy of Waitin' in the Country, Jason's first album. Yeah. I've listened to them THAT much. LOL}


Mom's dogs. The one in the back is Maggie - she is a 15 month old English Shepherd. She came from Oklahoma. The one in the front is Robin, he is about 4 months old. He is an English Shepherd/Scotch Collie cross- he is the puppy we picked up in Ohio.

The reason I chose this photo is that not an hour or so before this one was taken, we were trying to take pictures of them, and they were not cooperating. After a bit, we gave up, and Patrick and I got on the computer to play Ghost Hunters. Looked over, and there they were, quiet as could be. Had Patrick hand me the camera and snapped the photo before they could move again {about 3 seconds after the photo was taken}.


Movies. We love 'em.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Saturday's morning schedule.  Enough said.


Every few months at work, I have a colleague come up from St. Louis to do ultrasounds for us. He is a board certified radiologist, and just a great guy to boot. I have learned a lot from him over the last several years. Ultrasound is something I have always been interested in.. I think it is amazing the things you can see, and the information you can get without having to sedate and cut open the animal. Still working on getting one at the office..

{This particular ultrasound shows a bladder tumor. }


The next few days will all be computer/work related too... I have spent a lot of time stuck at work the last few weeks because of issues with my car. After hours, I tend to get online and goof off for a bit. So todays photo is of 2 of the places I spend the most time.

I have many more windows open at home {with my other boards, twitter, email, etc} but the computer at work gets too bogged down when I do that, so I usually only have two open at a time.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Another puppy photo today. This one is of Petty, a funky German Shephard who likes to take out the trash, and helps bring in the groceries.  She was in the office, and her mom  gave her the meds bag to carry home. {Naturally, as soon as she had the bag, she was ready to go LOL}

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today's photo was taken at work - Hoover is a dog that is boarding there right now. Pam took him out for a walk, and on the way back in, he picked up a cow-print doggie bed out of the laundry room. He carried it down the hallway, and back into his cage. Nevermind the fact that he is WAY too big to use it. I just thought it was funny.


I haven't forgotten - photo is taken, just not uploaded yet..

Worked a double shift today - Hannibal during the day, and Quincy in the evening. On the drive to Hannibal, the road passes a farm that has a family of carved bears. They get dressed up for the holidays. So my POTD is of the bears, still dressed in their Christmas finery.

Edited to add photo:

Monday, January 11, 2010


Tonight's photo.. work in progress. This is part of a layout I was working on for a crop challenge. I do a lot of Jason Michael Carroll layouts, since he is my other obsession.. LOL. And it has become even more fun since he has started posting photos on twitter. The photo on this layout is one of my favorites.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today's photo...

My hot pink boots

Friday, January 8, 2010


Brrrr... it is COOOOOLD today! Supposed to be the coldest night of the season so far. I believe it.

Today I had to work at the Hannibal office. Which is so much fun - love the girls down there. And every time I am there, I see this screen saver, and it just cracks me up. So it's my photo for today.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So... I wanted I wanted to take a picture today of all the snow we got since last night's photo.. Unfortunately, once again, y'all will have to wait a few days to see it, as I am still at work. {sigh}.

Called and talked to my daughter tonight.

Her: "Mom?"
Me: "Yes, honey?"
Her: "Are you really not coming home til Saturday?"
Me: "Yes, honey, I'm really not coming home til Saturday?"
Her: {in a very small voice} "Oh. {sigh} I miss you."
Me: "I miss you too."
Her: " Ok. Bye!"

{sigh} sometimes I hate winter.

Edited 1.8.10 to add photo:

And realizing it doesn't show as much snow as I thought, but there are little drifts near the tires, and the plow had come behind the car and plowed me in. Had to dig it out before I left for Hannibal this morning.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today's photo...

will be posted in a few days, since I'm stranded at work due to snow and a sticky part in the car that won't let it shift properly, and I left the cord that connects my camera to the computer at home. {Love the fact that I can just put my card into my computer at home though, so much easier than having to find the cord!}

I took today's photo tonight - after my car had been sitting for a while, so it is covered with snow. And, since I used my flash and it is still snowing, it has some really cool snow blobs floating around.

You'll see.

Just not today..

Edited 01.08.10 to add photo:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today's photo was inspired by Gay's photo from yesterday. This is my computer desktop. The photo is a composite of 5 concert photos that I took of Jason Michael Carroll {my other current obsession}. Each photo was taken at one of the concerts I went to, and include the date and place.


So far, so good...

Day 4's photo was taken on my way to work.  Everyday, on my way to work, I cross over the Mississippi River. It has been super cold here for the last week or so, and the river is mostly frozen. I wasn't sure what the photo was going to be today until I saw the river. {My daughter calls that bridge the Tall H Bridge.}

I never know what I'm going to get from these "on the road" photos... I just point the camera in whatever direction I want without looking through the view finder, click the button, and hope for the best.. {which is why it is at an angle, and there is so much of the guard rail from the bridge I was driving on}. But I certainly don't want to endanger anyone while taking photos, and honestly, I have gotten some really neat photos this way.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Embers from the fire in the furnace

Saturday, January 2, 2010


My photo for today.. is my DD snuggled under the many blankets needed to keep warm tonight.. it is FA-REEZING out here today (-2 BEFORE the windchill!). 

Friday, January 1, 2010


First day of the P365. So far, so good. I have my photo taken, but won't be able to upload it to a computer until I get home tomorrow night.

Still undecided how I am going to scrap these (by the week or by the month) - thinking weekly, but we'll see how things go. I do want to use Basic Grey papers - unlike those that are using the 4x6 divided pages, I will probably just do a regular double page spread. I don't have an album picked out yet, but these pages will go into a separate album.

Today's photo is of my current project - hello kitty atcs for a swap.