Friday, March 12, 2010


Mom had eye appointments at the VA hospital in Columbia today. As usual, since it is such a long trip, we made a day of it. And we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch. Rhi thought this was cool for several reasons. It's one of Jason Michael Carroll's favorite places to eat. And our waiter's name was Jason. 
Jason was a great waiter too - when I asked him about ingredients for a specific dish (since Rhi can't eat high fructose corn syrup), he checked on everything on the kids menu. And, while she couldn't eat the chicken strips that she wanted (darn breading), she could eat the macaroni and cheese and the homemade biscuits.  Jason also complimented her on how polite she was (she always says sir or ma'am when asking for things at a restaurant, and please and thank you. The please and thank yous we insist on. The sir and ma'am she picked up when Patrick was still in TKD)
Appointments went well, and we were able to do a little shopping at Michael's.

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